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Our Story

The idea for this directory honestly started as a project to serve my clients and friends. As a REALTOR, and a member of the queer community, I’m often asked if I know “a gay lender", or "a gay contractor", or even "what are some retail shops that are queer owned”. As much as I try, I don’t know everyone. I started thinking more about how to find people in our community who were business owners, and realized that I’m not the only person being asked. This realization made me brainstorm a bit and I came to the conclusion that we need an easily searchable directory where business owners can register their company, and consumers can easily search the information of registered businesses. As this idea has grown, I have heard from so many how important and how needed this is. I’m a person who feels that community is deeply important. And supporting our community so we can grow and thrive is how we start.

Welcome to Iowa Rainbow Businesses! I’m so glad that you’re here to grow in community!